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During wet years, peaks like Mt.

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Le Conte and Clingmans Dome receive over eight feet of rain. This abundant rainfall trickles and rushes down the mountain sides, from high elevation to low, sometimes dropping more than a mile in elevation from the high peaks to the foothills at the park's boundary. Watch the brief video, Waterfalls in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park , for a overview of some of the park's favorite waterfalls. The following are brief descriptions of the Smokies most popular waterfalls.

Please pick up a copy of the park's official trail map from any visitor center before hitting the trail to these waterfalls.

Additional information about hiking to waterfalls can be found in various publications available at bookstores in the park. Abrams Falls Although Abrams Falls is only 20 feet high, the large volume of water rushing over falls more than makes up for its lack of height. Together they drop 90 feet from top to bottom. Laurel Falls This picturesque, 80' high waterfall is one of the most popular destinations in the park.

Lynn Camp Prong Cascades Enjoy seeing numerous cascades on this short, easy walk. Mingo Falls At feet tall, the waterfall is one of the tallest in the southern Appalachians. Mouse Creek Falls Big Creek is off the beaten path, so if you wish to avoid the crowds at other popular waterfalls, this 45' high waterfall is a treat. Rainbow Falls A rainbow produced by mist from this foot high waterfall is visible on sunny afternoons. Ramsey Cascades Ramsey Cascades is the tallest waterfall in the park and one of the most spectacular. Meigs Falls in winter. During extended cold spells, a heavy coating of ice can form on waterfalls.

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The falls is tucked away on the far side of Little River and can be easily missed while driving. The Sinks This waterfall is short in stature, but its volume includes the entire flow of Little River. Not only were his friends amazed by who he invited but numerous girls who would have swooned at his offer to take them looked on in bewilderment.

From that point on, their friendship had never looked back. The doctors haven't given me a clean bill of health yet and that won't come until the end of the month. I know he is only trying to help. What worked for most people didn't appear to work for her for she was very happy spending her sick time at home reading and researching her pet subjects. Richard is so dense at times.

Even after almost fifteen years of friendship, he doesn't have a clue as to how I tick. Back in school, Carolyn had been a late bloomer and most of the people he knew had taunted him about the geek he spent his leisure time with instead of them. He shrugged off the comments by simply indicating it was to get by in school. However, when his friends spotted taking her to a Saturday evening movie he was busted. In the end he didn't give a damn what they thought for he enjoyed her company. Staring at her with approval, he thought 'the old guys back' then would be kicking themselves if they could see her now.

A smile crossed his face. The ugly duckling turned into a regal swan. Richard's mind returned from the memories to the present and gave her a glare that had no substance. Caught in the act of Carolyn watching, he turned a brick red for a moment before blustering, "I was only thinking what the guys in school would think of you now. Arching an eyebrow, Carolyn grimaced. Superficial emotional feelings are not who I am or want to be. Taking the seat opposite his friend, Richard smiled indulgently. It was true she was a walking talking encyclopaedia, everyone who met her socially remarked as much.

Though perhaps I should say fall in love first then married and have that statistical average, family.

waterfalls and rainbows

Chuckling at his comment Carolyn lent forward and pressed his knee gently with her hand. His belly laugh had her spirits rising though she hadn't realised they were down. Maybe his suggestion has merit after all. There was the local second-hand bookstore she could wile away the odd hour or two and she was certain the old man who ran it would be wondering where she was.

The nature of the viral infection had consumed her for more than four weeks causing her to ignore everything including her books in favour of her bed. It was only recently that she felt up to taking on her life again. I'll promise to take a short stroll to the bookstore and browse, how does that sound to you? Pulling at his strong clean-shaven jaw, the man smiled warmly.

I'll see you tomorrow evening when I return from my trip. You might feel up to dinner. Carolyn waved a goodbye to her friend with her resolve to leave the comfort of her home slowly waning. If I don't get up now I'll never go and I did promise and to date I've never broken one to him.

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She stood quickly and her legs shook for a few seconds Darn it why can't the body be as tough as the mind! Carolyn had been in the bookstore about half an hour when the owner, a dear man who had once been a Harvard Professor until ill health had brought about early retirement, walked unsteadily towards her.

He refused to use his cane, when he was on his business premises, calling it vanity, especially when he was in the presence of a pretty woman.

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Carolyn gave the old man a beaming smile, which he reciprocated. Several minutes later Carolyn felt herself tiring Will I ever feel hundred percent again. Even thought the doctors assured her that the viral infection had beaten her system into submission she couldn't help but wonder if that were indeed the case.

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He's a stranger and has more compassion for me than my parents have. Other than making several calls when she had first been in the hospital they hadn't bothered to check on her much since. It hadn't particularly worried her for she preferred her own company and Richard would usually visit her every Friday evening for dinner or occasionally a theatre date.

Richard preferred his theatre enjoyment to be comedies and oddly enough cult musicals, like the weird Rocky Horror Show. Shakespeare and operatic were way beyond his stratosphere.

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Although they had contrasting likes and dislikes, he was a witty companion and she enjoyed his company. It was a pleasant change from her academic colleagues and students. Although I'm getting stronger by the day, this was my first trip out for several weeks. Perhaps if I sit down for a while you would choose a couple of volumes for me to take home.

She managed a smile as she added, "I'd appreciate it. How would you like some mint tea while you rest?

I shall have Wayne bring along the selections as you wait for your tea.