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A Very Ruby Christmas. Now the time has come to fulfill her own fantasy, one so private it brings a rare blush to her cheeks.

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Ruby is loath to marry the poor girl off to a stranger or, even worse, entrust her to the ignoble lord who has bid on the brothel. She has no other choice than to shelter Jasmine herself. A Very Ruby Christmas is intended for mature audiences. The mood is very seductive but still playful, and the sex scenes are scorching hot. Angel in Scarlet. From the author of Mastering the Marquess comes another blazingly provocative Regency romance! Revenge may be a dish best served cold, but in this clash of wills, lust is a feast for the senses.

After her dreams of wedding bells are dashed by a man she thought had serious intentions, Miss Angela Ripon must be satisfied. She plans to make him burn for her, and then to reject him as he rejected her.

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The infamous madam agrees to help, but only after warning Angela that her target has very specific tastes. To trap her prey, she must shed every last inhibition.

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He judged Angela to be like the others—tender, sweet, and innocent. So how to explain the change that has come over her?

Matthew aches to teach Angela all he knows of earthly pleasures. But even as she offers the control he craves, perhaps this angelic beauty has a lesson or two to teach him. Angel in Scarlet is intended for mature audiences. Ravishing Ruby. What would she do without his muscular arms encircling her waist or his rough chin scraping her cheek?

No, marriage is out of the question, for Ruby and for Emma.

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Beckoned back to England to assume his role as heir to the family fortune, Derek will soon enter into a suitable marriage. But not without one last visit to see Madame Rouge. During the long months away, Derek could only think of Ruby: her luscious lips and cobalt eyes, the swell of her breasts against the bodice of her gown.

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But Derek wants the ravenous, ravishing Ruby. Ravishing Ruby is intended for mature audiences. This eBook includes a special message from the editor, as well as an excerpt from another Loveswept title. Bound by Bliss.

Three Proposals and a Scandal: A Sons of Sin Novella

Lady Bliss Danser, daughter of the Duke of Mirth, is a scandal waiting to erupt. Which is why her highly conventional brother wants to saddle her with Stephan Perth, Earl of Duldon, the only man he thinks will marry her. Worse, Stephan keeps threatening to punish her, to teach her just how a woman should behave. I hope both are useful. I should specify in advance that I am friends with many of these authors. It is hard not to end up friends with someone when you have not-so-secret crushes on their books.

January Her latest second in the series; stands alone, but the first is great, too is about Silas Mason, a printer of radical, seditious materials agitating for democracy, and his illicit affair with Dominic Frey, a gentleman who works in the Home Office.

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This book is holy crap ridonculously good. Get it from Amazon , iBooks , or nook. December The prose is crisp and emotional, the characters are vividly drawn and extremely unusual, and the world of Victorian England comes to life.

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I loved this book. Get it at: Amazon , iBooks , Nook , and more. When Rafe announces that he wants to quit the lifestyle, Ash is heartbroken, but he can deny Rafe nothing. So he sets his sight on one last job: finding a wealthy woman to marry his brother. Lydia Reeve is perfect for the occasion.