The Lost Golf Ball

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But remember that should your ball happen to be where those thrashing clubs or feet are flailing about, and you move it as a result, you will be penalised for moving your ball at rest… which will only add to your anger and stress levels.

Only walking in one direction as you search will not optimise your chances, as the ball may be easier to spot one way than the other depending on where the sun is, how the grass is lying and so on. A well thought-out search operation, patrolling the target area up and down in a fairly regimented fashion, will yield better results. But there will always be times when your chances of success are very slim knee-high bund 30 yards off line, for example and others where it may be prudent not to waste too much time searching.

How to Find a Lost Golf Ball

You might not be able to declare your ball lost in words , but your actions can certainly make your intentions pretty clear, though there is nothing in the Rules to stop your opponent continuing the search. And if you do find yourself searching for lost balls too often, we would suggest investing in one of three things…. Home Features The Game.

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Knowing how best to search for a lost golf ball will save you shots, money and stress — just the kind of win-win-win scenario all golfers yearn for Follow our 6 essential ball-hunting tips for improved results These six essentials will increase your chances of success… We hope our six essential tips will help you find your ball more often.

Many eyes make lighter work…. Sometimes it might have been better just to cut your losses.

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The time limit was cut to 3 minutes in the interest of speeding up the game. The new rules also acknowledges the fact that a golfer is likely to find their ball well inside 3 minutes if they saw approximately where the ball landed, and they'll need well more than 3 or 5 minutes to find a ball otherwise.

What's important to note under the Rules of Golf is that a player can employ anyone willing to help them in an effort to find the ball.

A golfer can have their caddie, friends, family, playing competitors, gallery and pretty much anyone help them in the search. If a golfer -- or whoever else is looking for their ball with them -- cannot find the ball within 3 minutes of arriving at the general area, then the ball is declared lost.

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At that point, a golfer then needs to return to where they hit the prior shot, take a penalty stroke and then hit again from that spot. It's a stroke-and-distance penalty that's one of the cruelest in the game.