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Are there many kinds of fences? Clover's mother tells her not to climb over the fence, because it isn't safe. That summer Annie, a white girl Clover's age, begins sitting on the fence each day, by herself. When Clover and her friends are jumping rope, Annie asks if she can join, but one of Clover's friends, Sandra, says she can't. Clover recalls, "That summer everyone and everything on the other side of the fence seemed far away.

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When I asked my mama why, she said, 'Because that's the way things have always been. One day she comes close to the fence and Annie asks her name, and they begin talking. Annie notes that the fence was made for sitting on. Clover responds that her mother had told her not to go on the other side, and Annie says that her mother says the same thing, but that she hadn't said anything about sitting on it, and the two girls begin sitting together on the fence.

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