My Story: An Autobiography and a Novel

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Anyway, it's a fine biography, which includes the author's narrative of events, Ingrid's own impressions and feelings, and letters to and from her between her and significant people in her life. I enjoyed it very much and now plan to watch a bunch of her movies, mostly for the second time, a few for the first. In addition to being very beautiful, she was a very fine actress. Nov 11, Kathy rated it it was amazing. This is the story of my favorite actress. A wonderful woman! I really loved it! Sep 07, Dean Cummings rated it it was amazing. It was with the audience in mind that Ingrid Bergman once said, "I learned that the audience is on your side.

They don't laugh at you, they weep for you. Yes, they laugh when it's funny, when you ask them to laugh, but when it's serious, they hold their breath waiting for you to take hold again. Even before reading it, I loved her performances in "Intermezzo" and "Anastasia" and saw her as a rare and exquisite acting talent.

But the book talked about her controversial marriage to director Roberto Rossellini and the difficult film "Stromboli" that they somehow managed to make together. It was then that I as the reader took a view of understanding and that made the reading of the book, and appreciation of Ingrid Bergman's life all the more satisfying.


I very well written book that was easy to immerse oneself in. I highly recommend it. Jul 03, Rachel Heil rated it really liked it Shelves: 4-stars , biography , recommended , tough-women-characters. So it should come as no surprise that I decided to read her autobiography. It was well done and I learned a lot about her.

The thing I didn't like about it was that Ms.

Bergman co-wrote the book with a professional writer, that stuck his own input in on situations. I didn't really care for that and therefore it kind of talk away from the novel. Overall a well done book and definitely worth reading.


View 1 comment. Dec 18, Lori rated it really liked it. I loved this book. It moves seamlessly between Bergman's own words and correspondence and 3rd person narrative that ties the story together. Very compassionate, humble and real. Aug 29, Katharine rated it it was amazing.

Love this book and read it many times. It is really interesting and a well written book for Bergman fans. Apr 15, Francene Carroll rated it really liked it. This is the story of a remarkable woman told in her own words and those of people close to her. It also makes extensive use of letters by Ingrid and the important people in her life, which gives it a very intimate and authentic feel. The shifts between Ingrid's voice and others is almost seamless, and the book provides great insights not just into Ingrid's life but a whole chapter in 20th century history.

I loved the references to other famous people that she mixed with, and the descriptions of This is the story of a remarkable woman told in her own words and those of people close to her. I loved the references to other famous people that she mixed with, and the descriptions of the high-flying and glamorous life she led. It wasn't all sunshine and roses for Ingrid, though, and the book doesn't shy away from the difficult and heartbreaking times she went through. Her relationship with Roberto Rossellini was very stormy, but the story of how they got together, which opens the book, is so romanitic it's like something straight out of a movie.

Ingrid comes across as a very down-to-earth and likeable person with a strong moral compass. I think this is the reason she survived for so long in the acting game, because she never let her ego get the better of her. She tried hard to do the best by everyone in her life, but at the same time she is completely dedicated to her art, and this sometimes meant she neglected people.

I felt a bit sorry for her children because she did not seem to spend much time with them as they were growing up. Her biggest flaw, in my opinion, was her weakness when it came to men. She let her first husband dominate her, and then flew straight into the arms of another man who was even worse.

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Rossellini refused to let her work with any other directors when they were married and for a long time she went along with this, even though they produced only box-office disasters together. Reading between the lines I sense that the reason she ended up with Rossellini was because she was desperate to leave her first husband and he provided a way out. Little did she know what she was letting herself in for! Despite his extreme egotism, Ingrid and Rossellini genuinely loved each other and remained close till the day he died.

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Ingrid was the type of person who seemed to have inspired long lasting and loyal relationships because she was a class-act till the very end. I probably shouldn't admit this, but the whole time I was reading this book I had Ingrid Bergman mixed up with Katherine Hepburn, and when I got to the end I wondered why On Golden Pond was never mentioned. Obviously I knew very little about her before reading the book, and I was especially surprised to discover how much of her career was spent on the stage.

I'm very inspired now to see some of her films and also Rossellini's. Aug 23, Spiderorchid rated it liked it. An interesting auto biography. Most of the text is by Ingrid Bergmann I suppose edited by her co-author, Alan Burgess , with some explanatory paragraphs by Burgess and numerous quotes from her daughters Pia and Isabella, her husbands, actors and directors she worked with etc. I would have liked to get to know more about her movies, especially the filming process, and her co-stars. There are some passages about this, but only about some of her movies. The focus is definitly more on her private l An interesting auto biography.

The focus is definitly more on her private life, especially her three marriages and the "scandal" when she met Roberto Rossellini. Actually, a good third of the book covers her relationship with Rossellini, the problems with her divorce from her first husband, the break-up with Rossellini after seven years, custody-battles and the behaviour of the press. The view represented in this book is - not surprisingly so in an autobiography - very subjective.

There are some things that are obviously very important to Ingrid Bergmann and that therefore are talked about a lot and other themes that would have been interesting to know for the reader but are told only in passing. All in all a well-written, enjoyable book, that isn't so much about her most famous Hollywood movies and co-stars but focusses more on her private life, the early Swedish films and her work at the theater.

Jan 11, Miriam rated it it was amazing. I love this book! Ingrid Bergman is one of my idols, and there's not anything i love more than a biography written by the person herself. It makes you feel like you know her very well without even knowing her, and you can't do anything but love her, when you read this book! This woman has gone through so much, but still manages to keep her head held high; and she is so positive, so happy and smiling. I am so glad to have read, and bought this book, because it really shows the person Ingrid, and no I love this book!

I am so glad to have read, and bought this book, because it really shows the person Ingrid, and not the movie star Miss Bergman - It shows how she tried to live life as good as she could, with a lot of mistakes, but even more happiness. If you love Ingrid Bergman, or just want to know about her and her life, then read this book!

You wont be disappointed! Mar 29, Vanessa rated it really liked it. Recently I picked this book off a shelf at the beach house we rented and I found it to be a very fascinating read.

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I have always adored Ingrid Bergman for both her beauty and the naturalness of her acting. Casablanca and Anastasia were two of my favorite movies to on watch Saturday afternoons when Atlanta TV would show old movies. Sunday mornings were all about Shirley Temple. Anyway, Ms. Bergman turns out to be as beautiful on the inside and very open and honest about her life. She was not af Recently I picked this book off a shelf at the beach house we rented and I found it to be a very fascinating read.

She was not afraid to be who she was. I was glad to read her life in her own words. The ghost-writers research is both unobtrusive and enlightening. Pick up a copy at your nearest beach house or library today! I love older movies and was introduced to Ingrid Bergman through the Alfred Hitchcock movies she was in. In the 50's she was involved in a scandal that isolated her from the United States and even legislation was made in Congress stating she was degrading Hollywood! Imagine that, I think that they have been degrading themselves just fine without blaming her.

Anyway this was the story of her life from her point of view. It was really good, just a little long. Apr 20, Mary rated it really liked it. I went in search for this book for years.