Modernist Commitments: Ethics, Politics, and Transnational Modernism (Modernist Latitudes)

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You can find more about her publications and other projects at www.

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Representative Publications. It contains insightful and provocative new scholarship and also sketches out new directions for future research. She challenges the divisions usually drawn between "modernist" and "committed" writing, arguing that a continuum of political engagement undergirds modernisms worldwide and that it is strengthened rather than hindered by formal experimentation.

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Modernist Latitudes aims to capture the energy and ferment of modernist studies by continuing to open up the range of forms, locations, temporalities, and theoretical approaches encompassed by the field. The series celebrates the growing latitude scope for freedom of action or thought that this broadening affords scholars of modernism, whether they are investigating little-known works or revisiting canonical ones. Modernist Latitudes will pay particular attention to the texts and contexts of those latitudes Africa, Latin America, Australia, Asia, Southern Europe, and even the rural United States that have long been misrecognized as ancillary to the canonical modernisms of the global North.

Columbia University Press New York. ISBN cloth : alk. Literature, Modern—20th century—History and criticism.

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Modernism Literature —History and criticism. Politics and literature—History—20th century. Literature and society—History—20th century. CUP would be pleased to hear about your reading experience with this e-book at cup-ebook columbia. Neither the author nor Columbia University Press is responsible for URLs that may have expired or changed since the manuscript was prepared. Figure 1. Republican propaganda poster from the Spanish Civil War, in English.

Figure 4. Republican tourist office poster from the Spanish Civil War.

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Propaganda poster from the Spanish Civil War, responding to the bombing of Asturias. Antifascist propaganda poster from the Spanish Civil War. Common images of academia often portray the lonely scholar reading under a single light bulb and writing in quiet isolation, waiting for the eureka moment.