How to Find a Job in the Digital Age

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Two: a lot of emphasis is put on teaching coding skills in schools. Information literacy, critical and creative thinking strike me as more important. And, surely, if it is expected that these are going to be the growth areas for employment, government strategies for skills development in the digital age ought to be prioritising them rather than or at least in addition to more digital-specific skills.

I know of no strategy for skills development that does so. Too much discussion of the Information Society focuses on the individual rather than society. Impacts on employment will have lasting legacies on communities as well as individuals.

How Searching for Jobs Has Changed in the Digital Age

Their loss undermines social coherence as well as individual and household welfare. Even if a country as a whole negotiates its way through large-scale job changes such as may be coming soon, some regions, towns and communities are likely to be left behind. I grew up near to a town called Sunderland in the north of England. The three main industries that supported it and local villages — coal, steel and shipbuilding — disappeared in the s.

Those communities have not recovered fully yet from the loss of jobs and, as important, self-confidence. One final point. I heard a leading development economist say recently that everything would be fine because AI would just get rid of boring work which no-one wants to do. Manual and service workers are no less skilled than development economists.

They just have different skills and got paid less for doing something that is often much more dangerous. Most people who do the routine jobs that this development economist despised gain satisfaction from them, feel valued in them, and would be devastated by their loss. And most people would rather have a boring job than have no job at all.

Experience in the workplace, like most things, can be both good and bad. Better still, involve them in deciding. Skip to main content. Search form Search. Whenever you get business cards from solid contacts clients, vendors, hiring managers or recruiters , invite them to connect with you on LinkedIn.

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Make it a monthly task to grab that stack of business cards on your desk and reach out to them. Increase your high-quality connections, particularly with the right people in your field or industry. But there is additional research you can do during job hunting to arm yourself with even more information:. If the job you are searching for is in another area, look at articles about that community.

If you might to move there for that new job, check housing prices and other amenities, including public transportation and schools. Phone and video interviews are increasingly replacing in-person interviews, so you need to think about your image in these environments. Some candidates will set up a spot in their home for video interviews and make sure the background is neutral. Also, try to log onto your computer five to 10 minutes early to make sure all of its systems are working. Mistakes in the job search, even minor ones, can cost you an opportunity to make a good impression.

Here are a couple of mistakes to avoid:. Job hunting in the digital age requires a great focus and strategy. With careful resume preparation and hard work, you can improve your chances of being called in for an interview. Good luck!

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10 ways to reach job seekers in the digital age

Sign up now to receive the OnlineCareerTips eNewsletter. Start a management degree at American Public University. By Enid Naranjo, JD Faculty Member, School of Business , American Public University In this era of mass technological changes, human resource departments are challenged to find the best ways to discover and engage talent, because the talent management market continues to change dramatically.

Today, Job Search Is Electronic The days of physically mailing in your resume and waiting for a call about a position are gone.

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Create a Good Resume to Pass Applicant Tracking Systems Applicant tracking systems ATS have assumed the task of sifting through resumes to determine whether a hiring manager sees your application or not. Customize Your Resume for Each Job If you have more than one area of expertise, prepare a resume for each area. Build a Digital Presence The next critical step in your job hunting is to work on your digital presence.

Showcase your best self.

Tips for Improved Job Hunting in Today's Digital Age

As job seeker, we have gained much more control over our search, a great deal more flexibility in presenting all sides of ourselves and a much broader overview of the jobs available. As an employer, we are able to access a global talent pool, see beyond the cover letter and even target potential candidates who are suitable for positions. Today you are competing with people from all over the world.

Searching for a job is evolving with digital technologies

Thanks to the internet, location is no longer a factor when hiring, which means that you need to seize all the opportunities our digital world has to offer in order to stand out. Remember, today companies are getting more applicants that ever before.