BlazeFire (BlazeFire Trilogy, Volume One)

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Doing as he was told, he sped up. Around him soldiers escorting him to his destination whooped and hollered at the pain he was suffering. I don't deserve this!

Altair knew of who possessed this voice. A lumpenproletariat thief had infiltrated the palace when the Prophecy of Blaze fire began and tried to pillage the throne room and other rooms with valuables as the palace was chaotically evacuating.

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The thief's name was Phelix. Phelix yelped and crouched down.

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Possibly you'll be steered straight, possibly you'll life will end and we won't have to deal with you anymore! Phelix sank down onto his knees. From behind Altair a soldier smashed him down and sent him skidding into the sand. Good luck living out here, you'll need it to get past some tricky obstacles," blustered a soldier.

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All of the other soldiers burst out in laughter and began to humorous goodbyes to him and Phelix. Slowly the laughter died down and the soldiers began to trudge away. Aren't all of you going to untie my wings? One soldier stopped in his tracks and turned around to face the two. The question was followed by a brief roar of laughter and then the sound of their feet moving again. There is no way we are 'covered,' there is nothing that will help us anywhere near us," responded Altair. For a couple seconds Altair looked up at his surroundings to see if Phelix saw something he didn't.

No, just miles and miles of strange orange nearly glowing sand and rocks stretching out in what looked to be a very long, very wide, very desolate canyon. For the first time Altair noticed a small blade sticking out of the corner of Phelix's rope binding his hands together. In a quick flick of his wrists, Phelix severed the rope holding his hands together.

But hell, I can still cut myself free with it," Phelix began his incision on the thin rope that gave him limited walking capabilities and bound his legs as he spoke.

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Fly you high Altair the flier. I'll be going on a shortcut where the soldiers won't know were I am" Phelix rose to his feet as the severed rope fell down and began to sprint in the opposite direction as soldiers.

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Phelix turned around slightly as if he was considering what Altair said, then continued to sprint the direction of the soldiers. One foot of Phelix's stepped onto a patch of a discolored sandy dune by one of the walls of the canyon somewhat fifty meters outside of Altair. Altair could see Phelix look distraught as if something was out of place, than he noticed the ground.

Small tremors began to shake at Phelix's feet. Phelix collapsed onto the ground with a bang! Phelix began to pant heavily as he saw the tremors grow more violent and the sand erupt out of the ground. All of the sudden a repugnant silhouette of some creature explode out of the dune! On impact Phelix was sent flying ten feet away onto a pile of dull stones. The creature turned to face Phelix lying exposed and defenseless on the small pile of stones.

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One large appendage reached out of the creature and grabbed Phelix. One moment later the appendage severed Phelix at his waist. The lifeless cadaver of what once was the marauder dropped down to the ground. In that instant Altair could tell what he was facing, a stinger, and the largest one he had ever seen.

The stinger turned to its disfigured prey and closed in on it. Pincher like appendages near the stinger's mouth grabbed the mangled limbs of Phelix and began to slowly pulverize the body. Altair watched as the appendages brought the limbs to its mouth and devoured the fellow banished one's body. Altair sneezed softly while face down in the sand. Immediately he jerked his head up to check if the stinger had noticed the little sound.

Nothing was ahead of him except more discolored sand, more then likely it burrowed itself back under ground. Lethargically, Altair rolled onto his back and revealed his soft golden under belly. Altair looked erratically straight foreword at the dark shape that loomed over him.

Ahead was the stinger with its long black tail aimed toward him. Its long tail flipped around in the air and then came crashing down on Altair. Altair quickly rolled to the left as the stinger's tale smashed the area were he once lay. Dust lingered from the impact and ruffled his fur. Altair coughed and stifled to clean his now dusty throat. Another onslaught from the stinger's tale impended over head.

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Altair jumped back and landed on his feet terrified as he watched the blow get mere centimeters from his body. A cleaved rope dropped to Altair's feet. The blow wasn't just near his body; it actually severed the rope that bound his wings. Altair flapped his wings quickly to get the gist of spreading his wings out again.

DevoutlyApathetic Registered User regular. November edited November What did he shout out when he went all shanky? DevoutlyApathetic on November Get treat. PSN: QuipFilter. Clown Shoes Give me hay or give me death. Registered User regular. I knew something nasty was going to happen with the crucifix, but I had a horrible feeling he was going to go for Tara. I suppose he did in a way. Oh, look, nobody in the Sons actually gives a shit that Juice's dad was black.

That still really bothers me. It may very well be the case that it's traditional biker club prejudices, but in the context of this show, with the characters that we've seen, it just came out of left field. Piney, at least, would have definitely given a shit. Nobody really hassled him when he expressed those views so I can see Juice being a bit uncertain. It's not like the tough outlaw bikers feel the need to affirm they're not racist routinely.

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Obviously, Piney's opinion is less relevant now. As is his sons I feel like I could have watched the latest episode in fast forward and gotten the gist of everything. Harry Dresden Registered User regular. Also, Jax had some terrible scenes yelling at the Grim Bastards. DiannaoChong Registered User regular. Juice was being a total idiot by not just disclosing it to the club and asking to vote on a bylaws change If he decided to go to the club and they did not agree to accommodate him, he'd be depatched including tattoos and forced to leave, never to associate with any club members again.

They probably would of just made him transfer. Salvation Registered User regular. Just saw Tuesday's episode. How has this show never even been nominated for an Emmy?