A Way to the Stars: Day 4

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The facility is stunning- very clean, organized, and best of all, engaging for both my children. I was honestly disappointed when both of my children were discharged. It was absolutely wonderful to hear that both of my children had made significant progress, but I truly miss being a regular part of the Swing for the Stars family.

Each member of the team was so warm and helpful.

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It is wonderful to know that I can reach out to them at any time should I have any questions or concerns. Jodie Heath has been my son's occupational therapist since right before he turned two. When Jodie opened her own clinic, we signed right up to carry over his therapy from Community Bridges.

A bedtime story.

Jodie has done tremendous work with my son and he simply adores her. Swing for the Stars is a great facility.

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The more they grow, the more I rave about them to every parent I know. My son has gained so many skills thanks to Swing for the Stars and all their staff. He has learned to tolerate foods, textures, sounds, and how to self regulate his own body. We've seen this carry over to his school day. I can't say enough about Swing for the Stars and all its staff.

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  4. I give it 5 stars! I called right away and have been bringing my son to Swing for the Stars ever since.

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    I have seen fantastic gains in his ability to tolerate different sensory information- from loud noises to gooey substances. He will now climb and jump and is willing to experience different kinds of movement, just as a child should! We have been very happy with our experiences at Swing for the Stars and the great staff that works there. I highly recommend them to anyone who has concerns regarding their child's development. We came to Swing for the Stars in January when she was in the middle of a serious regression in symptoms after having been discharged from services too early from a different organization.

    My husband and I feel so blessed to have found Jodie and her team. Our daughter is finding her way again after only 3 short months of therapy and therapeutic listening. Her progress is astounding and while her road is long and we are only at the beginning, she is finding new confidence in herself and her ability to function. There were times that her symptoms were completely debilitating; now they are something we are learning to handle.

    Jodie truly listens to us as parents and we no longer feel lost or alone in our struggles to help our daughter. Both of my children have received occupational therapy at Swing for the Stars since its opening in To date, they have both made significant progress, and our experiences have always been positive.

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    The OT staff's extensive knowledge about current sensory integration techniques, and ability to take into account the needs of our family as a whole, have been amazing. Personalize your map with a message that is special to you. We use the star catalog of the European Space Agency's Hipparcos mission, a high precision catalog of stars generated by the Hipparcos space-based telescope.

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