Ive Got You Pegged: A Scorch Erotica Hot Shot

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  • Coffee, maybe? Or water? I hit the remote on my desk that controlled the opacity of the glass wall, blocking the view from everyone on the main floor. My mother approached, looking slim and elegant in dark blue slacks and white blouse. Now, I had trouble looking at her. And since we looked so much alike, I sometimes had trouble looking at myself. What brings you into the city?


    I hated when she looked at me with hurt in her eyes. Blue eyes that were so like mine. I knew my mother; she was just getting started. Did you know that? She was downright vicious to me last night. It was a difficult time for all of us. That she would bring it up at all. Let me make it clear to you. There is no scenario pitting you against Eva where you come out on top. Eva has nothing to do with that.


    A strand of black pearls peeked out from between the lapels of her blouse, and a sapphire-faced Patek Philippe adorned her wrist. And never looked back. I love you. It would be best for both of us if you just stay away. Dressed in a plain black suit, he had the steady, watchful gaze of a man who made his living by seeing and hearing everything. It was difficult looking at Anne Lucas. The sight of her foxlike face, with its sharp chin and sharper eyes, brought back memories I wished I could erase from my mind. I remembered the plastic feel of it, the sharp-gelled spikes scratching my thighs as she deep-throated my cock, working desperately to get me hard enough to fuck her.

    She wants you to find a friend of hers. Thank you. There were a number of women in my past who might cause problems for me with my wife. It was getting harder to let her be away from me, not easier.


    There was a lot I needed to get off my plate before I could take time off with Eva. Our daylong honeymoon had been perfect, but far too short.

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    • I wanted at least two weeks away with her, preferably a month. Someplace far away from work and other commitments, where I could have her all to myself with no interruptions. Her reply had been a short and simple, Yay! Congrats, bro! This is so awesome. Yeah, right. You done good, you know. Always a highlight of my day.

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      It should be. She told Dad she went to your work and you guys got in a fight or something. Even a groomswoman or whatever. I could watch her walk for hours. She had a sway to her hips that made me ache to fuck her and a determined tilt to her chin that challenged every dominant instinct I had. I wanted to fist her ponytail in my hand, take her mouth, and grind against her. And every time since. I was instantly hard and totally focused on her.

      I hooked one arm around her waist and felt around for the opacity controls with my other hand, all the while letting her kiss me as if she owned me. Which she did. Holding her close, I turned and half-sat on the edge of the desk, pulling her in between my thighs.

      By Maurice Hewlett

      I could say it was a more secure way to hold her, but honestly, my knees were weak. Her kisses did that to me. Inhaling through the rising lust, I breathed her in, allowing the delicate fragrance of her perfume and the provocative scent that was hers alone to intoxicate me.

      Her lips were soft and damp against mine, demanding in the subtlest of ways. Her tongue licked delicately, savoring, teasing and arousing me effortlessly. The feeling was heady and had become necessary. I lived for her kisses. When she kissed me, I knew I belonged right where I was.


      Tilting her head, she moaned into my mouth, a soft sound of pleasure and surrender. Her fingers were in my hair, sliding through it, tugging it. That sensation of being caught—claimed—challenged me on the deepest level. I drew her closer, until the firmness of her belly pressed against the hardness of my erection. My dick was throbbing, aching. The fact that she existed stirred my blood. The strength of her desire was enough to set me off. She leaned back slightly, breathless like me.